Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A for Android (ABC Wednesday)


ABC Wednesday is starting over again this week with the letter A. How appropriate. That gives me an apt excuse (as if I needed one!) to show you my brand new Android phone.

I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while now but since I’m rarely away from home more than a few hours at a time, it has seemed rather unnecessary. However, when my brother demonstrated his new Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc to me when he was here, I got hooked… It was smaller and lighter than any I had seen before. After getting acquainted with it, it didn’t take me long to make up a whole list of excuses to get one myself – a.s.a.p.!

For one thing, it will be good to have it when I have to go out to the House on my own, as we don’t have any computer/internet there now (except when my brother is there). For another, even at home I’m beginning to see the advantages of being able to quick-check emails and Facebook and “whatnot” without turning on the computer. Moreover, it can be used for listening to music and audio books, and for taking pictures and watching films, and…

How do they fit all that into a thing that weighs only 117 g?!

I remember the first so-called mobile phone I ever saw “in real life”. It was 1986 or 87. A gang of us were going out for dinner in the evening, and one married couple brought this thing which was about the size of a car battery*, in case their babysitter needed to reach them. (*A last century car battery, that is. Maybe those have been getting smaller as well - I have to confess I haven’t looked under the bonnet of a car in a very long time!)

It looked something like this:




  1. Good grief to that huge old cell phone picture! And computers used to be the size of a whole room! Your phone looks AWESOME!!! I hear about the android phones ALL the time!!! But what makes them androids? I mean, how are they different from a smartphone, like an iPhone, they seem to do the same things, but must not be?

  2. I find all these things very confusing!
    Jane x

  3. these phones are on my tv news right now, i sent you the link to the story. hackers are attacking them and stealing personal information by some of the apps and down loads, we are watching it now. so read up on it so you know how to be careful. it said they make it look like a good download and hide things in it to steal your info

  4. I guess my hubby and I live in the dark ages. Our cell phones are actually just that ...phones and not much else.
    I guess its about time for us to join the rest of the world.
    Sometimes all the hacking and spam are just too scary to get involved in.

  5. I have a cell phone, but nothing fancy, I have mine just for the phone part. I love it, it goes wherever I go. I remember the BIG phones in the picture, I think most people kept them in their cars.

    It is AMAZING how phones have changed over the last 50+ years. I remember when we were married we had a crank phone that hung on the wall, it was a 12 party line, so you had to keep count of the rings to answer if it was your ring, mine was 4 short rings, AND talk about phone hackers, I think half the party line listened in when anyone got a call. ; ) That was then, this is now...

  6. Well i was in the dark ages myself until 4 days ago!:-P

  7. You've come a long way, baby!!!

  8. One of these days I suppose I'll join the 21st century too. I have a cellphone, and that's it!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. Bingo! I have the same cell phone.
    I like the features of android phones.
    But on second thought, though we are trying to fit lot many packages in cell phones, ain't the cell phone sizees still bigger than our pockets?

  10. Good grief is right! I had a car phone as far back as the mid-80s and my husband had a bag phone in the early 90s and we used to laugh at the size and weight of it.

    He says they were better for all because no fear of getting brain cancer from them. THAT's something to think about!

  11. I am with you Roger, I don't own one yet lol. Nice!

    Please come and see someArt Expression at my page, thanks.

  12. It's amazing what they fit into all those little devices nowadays! Nice choice!

  13. Nice gadgets!

    A is for Appreciation, your visit will be so much appreciated, thanks!

  14. The Android phone is exactly what I want to have. My friend demonstrated how to use it. She got a map from her smart phone, which was just like the map on a car navigation system. I was amazed with and I was into it. Oh, I can imagine how you are hooked on your new gadget.
    Have a nice day!

  15. In 1969 they landed a man on the moon with less computer power at their disposal than most of us now carry around in our pockets...

  16. What a huge old phone. Your Android phone looks astounding!

  17. I love my Android. Although, I only ever call it a Droid. So, really you can do the same post on D day :)
    Enjoy your new phone!
    I came through ABC Wednesday!

  18. Thanks all for your comments.
    No doubt I'll be returning to the topic along with my exploring!

  19. I have to confess, I don't even own a mobile phone, but you make the idea sound tempting!

  20. calls on the cell phone is very expensive here, I keep mine just for AA in case my car breaks down.

  21. What version of android are you using? I have a Samsung galaxy with 2.1. Love it

    Pheno, ABC Wednesday Team

  22. capturedalive - the version on my phone is 2.3.2
    Since this is my first android phone I have no idea how that differs from 2.1!

    ann - I mostly used my old cell phone for 'emergencies' too + text messages with one or two friends. I don't expect to be making a lot of phone calls on this one either. But it turns out it's a lot cheaper to use it for internet access than I thought it would be.

  23. Never saw a phone that big in my life until now :D

  24. Oh my gosh ! I don't belief mobiles were that big and bulky in the late 80s!
    Anyway congrats on your new phone.How are android phones different from an iPhone?
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  25. I used one of the HUGE bricks in the '80s and I still have my first 'modern' phone from 1991 when GSM networks were introduced to the UK. I've a half-written blog on the subject. My android run HTC Desire S has more than a million times the computing power of the NASA Voyager which is hurtling towards the edge of the solar system. That's quite a thought.


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