Wednesday, 5 October 2011

ABC Wednesday: Letter ‘L’


The days are inevitably getting shorter, and the nights longer. This past weekend I took in my sun lounger kind of chair from the balcony. Besides forecasts in the media about lousy weather further on in the week, we had also been given very specific warnings about local showers where I live:


Good thing they warned us by a leaflet first, or I would certainly have wondered what was going on when I caught sight of this…


long-shafted, water-spraying brush outside my balcony!


Having been forewarned, though, I knew that it was just a fully legitimate balcony-cleaning going on!

Have to say I’ve never seen it done like this before.

After they did their job on the outside, I also took the opportunity to do a little of the same on the inside. Ouch. It’s a tough enough job even when you don’t have to work upwards!

I put my flower boxes back up because there’s life in them still.

In the flat I keep a light foldable camping chair which I can take out if against the odds there should be another afternoon suitable for “just sitting” for a while. (Later, in mid winter, the sun is so low on the sky that it hardly finds it way to my balcony at all.)

ABC Wednesday – Letter L


  1. You're LUCKY to have a LANDLORD that cares that much about his building. Most landlords are LOUSY.

    L is for Loss

  2. That looks hard work - I bet his arms ached by the time he'd finished.

  3. lots of good L's here. glad you showed us your apartment, now i can see you sitting on your balcony, are you 3rd floor?

  4. What great captures you got here! When I first saw it, I thought it was wet snow!! Then I thought it was maybe weeds or something blowing onto your patio. I just stopped and looked and had fun guessing before I scrolled further.

  5. I never want to be a landlord; too much work! Glad yours is good.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. You are fortunate to have a landlord that cares to keep the outside of the building looking clean. i can only dream.

  7. Oh, that poor man. Imagine how his shoulders must ache after doing that for hours! Or maybe he is hardened to it? It would kill me, I'd be so glad to have someone else do it for me!

  8. In fact my 'landlord' is a public (municipal) utility which makes it even more remarkable that they 'care'. I moved in here three years ago from another part of town (and another landlord) and have not had reason to regret it.

    Pauline - that's my reaction too. I wouldn't be able keep that up for five minutes!


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