Friday, 7 October 2011

Please Try Again Later


Three months ago I hardly knew what an “app” was (because my old mobile/ cell phone was just a phone). Today I spent the whole afternoon in an Aargh! state of mind over one. For all I know it might be a temporary problem. The problem is I don’t know!

Isn’t technology just wonderful?!

Yesterday, with some anxiety, I updated the software in my phone (because it kept telling me to). Seemed to be all right. But today when I got notifications (on the phone) of new emails, and tried to read them on the phone, they weren’t there. Luckily, though, when I turned on the computer, there they were; so they were not lost completely. They just weren’t in the phone app, even though it kept sending me notifications of them coming in. Very annoying; in much the same way as when you lose something within your small flat, and you are 100% sure that it cannot really have disappeared, and you turn the whole place upside down to find it, but it’s still missing.

What stopped working is the Yahoo Mail app which until now I’d have given at least four and a half stars. Of course I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, thinking that this might reset it back to normal. (And yes, I also turned the phone itself off and on again…) The only result is that now it won’t let me in at all. It just keeps saying: “Sorry! We are unable to access your mailbox currently. Please try again later.”

So – obedient as I am – I keep trying (every five minutes or so!) But so far to no avail. I have, however, discovered that I am able access my email from two other applications on the phone. But neither of those combines all the (former) advantages of the one that stopped working. So I’m still in “aargh” mode.

I guess eventually I’ll somehow get on with my life, though…Winking smile 



  1. When this kind of thing happens to me, I call my cell phone provider that we pay monthly for the minutes and connection. They have great customer service and can usually tell me how to fix any problems I have with the phone. I hope you get it solved!

  2. fortunately for me, i don't know what an app is or own a cell phone or even have a clue what you are talking about. I have heard the word app from Ginny and other IPAD owners and i know you down load it but that is all i know. glad i don't have to add it to my camera and I do hope you get it fixed

  3. Welcome to the world of the smart phone. I can book in to my flight on the phone, get my boarding pass on the phone, get texts telling me my ferry sailing is delayed, have my calender, camera, emails, texts, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, JogTracker, Translation, Evernote, List Manager, FlightTrack and a hundred other apps and be blisfully happy BUT the most important app of all ie my contacts list will not sync! It is a well-known problem the web tells me. So if it is well-known why is has it not been solved. I need my contacts. It is the one thing which might make me change my HTC for an iPhone next time.

    Rant over.

    I really feel for you.

  4. I know that 'Aargh' feeling so qwell. I come across it at least once a day on my computer.


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