Monday, 24 October 2011

Hanging Art [2]


Another oil painting I took home from The House. This one is small, only 35 x 29 cm, frame included. So it was easier to find a place for than the big one in yesterday’s Hanging Art post.

Not only do I like the painting itself  but also the fact that the frame is natural wood. It now hangs in a solitary position between my living room and my hall, with only a clock above it.


On the back of this painting is written the name of a street and the town where I live. The street no longer exists, but I found the name in an old record of street names on the internet. 70-80 years ago it was a cross-street to another street which still exists. I think from that I can guess in which direction the artist was looking. I shall have to go and check out some day if I can find the spot (although I suspect there will be buildings in the way to block my view).

What I have not been able to figure out, so far, is the name of the artist. The signature is there – I just can’t read it! Can you? I know it’s a long shot to ask a question like that on this blog, since most of my readers are not even Swedish. But I welcome any suggestion what you might make of the name.  H. B… But then what? And are the last two characters part of the name, or a year?



  1. this is a mystery and I'd like to solve it. tried googling all kinds of combinations but w/o knowing Swedish names and correct spellings, I'm not coming up with anything.

    the style is very Impressionistic. Could be Post-Impression attempt. I like it.

  2. it is very pretty, i have trouble reading the typing on the blogs, so no help from me on reading the signature.

  3. Wow, I like this one best of all. Good luck finding the painter.

  4. The picture is rather jolly but the painter could have been a bit less impressionistic with his signature!

  5. I'd claim it was Bruegel having a glimpse of the future. Like California Girl I've had a go at Googling all sorts of possibilities but with no effect. Perhaps a local art shop or auctioneer may recognise the painter.


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