Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Less Than Or Equal To Zero

Do you ever have days when you feel like that? I might have had, but today is the first time I can recall having come across it as a requirement. When I tried to link a post from my Picture Book blog to Watery Wednesday, the Linky site refused to accept me, requesting that "The length of your name must be less than or equal to 0". How depressing is that?! I did try giving my name as ‘0’ just to see what happened. Nothing happened. As for going further into nothingness below zero, I think I must refuse.

There are strange goings-on in my physical universe as well.
For example, someone seems to be stealing all the trees…


… and I doubt that this time I can blame the fairies

Hey, that’s my butterfly park! I know the butterfly season is over. But I’m wondering what they’re planning to do… (I mean They as in the Park Authorities. Not They as in the Butterflies.)


  1. oh my, strange things are happening on blogger, there are lots of people getting strange things, i have not heard of this one. even stranger is who took the trees. looks like professionals did it, hope someone did not steal them. In America that could happen, lots of strange things going on here. keep us posted as to what THEY do

  2. Park authorities are the very devil. You appreciate butterflies.....they love order.
    Your blogger problems are odd. I use Live Writer and am generally problem free. I am when I am normal. A problem is an opportunity to learn.
    I know nothing so ask Mark at
    He can make the world go round. Or should that be.....the world go flat.

  3. Adrian, I doubt I can blame either of my recent problems on Blogger. Yesterday it was my email program and today a Linky tool. The email seems to be back to normal today. As for the Linky no doubt that is a temporary bug as well, and never mind. The mystical message just got me in a philosophical mood! ;)

    I use Live Writer too for most of my blog postings and have had very few if any problems with that.

  4. The mind boggles as to who has snatched your trees. As Sandra asked - please keep us posted!

  5. Well, Halloween s coming up in a few days and this is a suitably spooky post!!!! Your story of needing to be down to zero reminds me of that book that Stephen King wrote about pies that people ate and they started losing weight and couldn't stop. This is so wild, and funny, too! Our friend used to get letters from credit card companies, but the letters were addressed to his cat! Gosh, I hope they will be making your park BETTER, do you have a number you can call to talk to the park authority office, maybe the secretary?

  6. I guess I could find out if I made an effort. Or I can just wait and see. Since I doubt anyone will just put the trees back on my say-so anyway, I think I'll probably wait and see! (If the trees had really been stolen, I'm sure there would have been headlines in the paper.)

  7. I think I'd just have to know what happened to the trees. Where did they go? What will replace them? I suspect I'd make life miserable for someone at the parks authority until I got an answer. Not that it would change the outcome, I'd just want to know. Otherwise I'd be off imagining about the fairies, too.


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