Monday, 10 October 2011

Macro Monday: No Smoke Without Fire

2011-10-04 willowherb



▲ Willowherb/Fireweed … Three months ago they looked like this: ▼


In Sweden this plant commonly grows along railways, and so is sometimes called “navvy’s rose” (Swedish: rallarros).

Oh the colours of autumn are so different from summer!
Thinking of their English/American name Fireweed…
They look more like smoke than fire now, don’t they? ;)

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  1. A plant I really like. It's common here but is dramatic.

  2. girl you are on a roll today, this post and the other one on your other blog, both are AMAZING photography. love love love this Fireweed, purple of dying, both are gorgeous. i would put some in a vase if that is allowed.
    the only time i have seen this is on a blog that is in the Yukon in upper Canada.

  3. You're right, I looked it up and it is known as Fireweed here in the States. We have a lot of it here and I never knew its name, so thank you.

  4. Fireweed is rather an outdated name in the UK nowadays - it's more commonly called Rosebay or Rosebay Willowherb or simply Willowherb (even though there are lots of different Willowherbs). It was called Fireweed because it often grew on sites that had been burned. After the War it was found extensively on bomb sites.

  5. Thanks Scriptor for the background to one of its many names! :)

  6. dear DawnTreader, thank you for this! me too, I have seen the plant very often but did not know its name. now I looked it up: in germany it's called "Trümmerblume", "ruins' flower". this corresponds to scriptor's comment: they were the first flowers to grow in the bombed cities of germany after the war.

    hoping the colours will return back soon (here they are not all gone yet).

    my best wishes for you!

  7. Wow what a dramatic difference and yet strangely beautiful in it's altered state.

  8. I don't think I've ever seen that plant here. It's beautiful regardless of the season.

  9. Beautiful colors in that last photo.

    Happy MM

  10. Beautiful photos... It does look like smoke!

  11. Very nice photos.

    Regards and best wishes


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