Sunday, 9 October 2011

First Frost


The evening light yesterday gave a hint of a cold night to follow.


I may not have a sea view, or a mountain view…
But it still changes a lot between a clear vs a foggy day!



I did not get out until around 9.30 but then there was still frost on the ground in the shady spots. Leaves and grass bordered with tiny white ice crystals.



Back home from the supermarket I exchanged the dianthus in my balcony boxes for heather. The ‘dusty millers’ I left as they were – they are hardy plants that will last through the winter season.

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  1. I must get my non-hardy plants in but the foul weather is making trips into the garden a most unpleasant experience. I'm hoping it won't suddenly change into frosts without giving me a day or two to get out there.

  2. the frost makes everything more beautiful, i love the leaves, decorated with frost. so pretty.

  3. The frosty edges are just lovely. What an inspiration, now I need to wait for some cooler mornings.

  4. Yes they are all beautiful especially those frost on green leaves. Unfortunately, we don't experience them here!

  5. Love the frost photos. We had a first light frost the October 2nd, but none since then.

  6. No frost here for a while, but some much needed rain.

  7. Oh boy you already had a taste of first frost. the pictures are very well taken that it looks like Christmas to me

  8. I just love the delicate frost images you have captured!!! They say that the leaves don't turn color till we have had one good frost, but I don't know about that...

  9. so it is going to be a cold and early winter?

    We are still feeling the cold. Haven't changed my bedding yet.

  10. Sorry, the frost came this quickly! But I love the frost edges on the leaves!


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