Monday, 20 February 2012

Tulips Tulips


For Macro Monday at Lisa’s Chaos


20 February was my mother’s birthday. She was born in 1930; died in May 2009. I was thinking about her today as I walked to a nearby florist’s to buy a bunch of tulips.

Around this time in February is usually also when I get the urge to take down the last of my “winter” decorations and tablecloths etc and replace them with “spring” ones. Even if it’s still rather wintry outside, there is something about the light, the sun getting warmer and the days longer… So yesterday I started my colour changes, and today I finished off by changing back to my yellow kitchen curtains (from red-and-white in winter).

And then I also feel the need of some fresh flowering plants on the window sills (like a yellow begonia in the kitchen window) – and a bunch of tulips!


Me and my twin at the florist’s! (They have mirrors in the cold room where they keep the cut flowers… So that it looks like there’s MORE of everything. Me included! A bit confusing, but of course it tempted me to take out the camera…)


  1. Vackert Monika :) När tulpanerna kommer in då är den inte långt tills våren kommer. Vi kommer alltid att minnas våra nära och kära. Ha en skön kväll!


  2. Everything looks like spring here, even your pretty green background. All so pretty. The first deeply colored tulip picture is so beautiful, it even looks like you somehow softened the edges a bit. And I love the double you and the double tulips. You look good in your red coat and hat. Now I want to see the yellow begonia and curtains!! I just made a yellow collage of my photos and it's hanging in the hall.

  3. I like the rich purple/maroon tulip for several reasons: its colour and the fact that it's not as stiff and formal as the others. Tulips have never been at the top of my list in the flower stakes. I love less formal flowers like daffodils.

  4. Two Monicas for the price of one!

    20th Feb is significant for us as well being the anniversary of David's death. It seems appropriate you chose her birthday her start your 'spring'.

    Unlike GB I love Tulips - perhaps because they have such exciting colour ranges. I agree with him about the colour of the purple one though - beautiful. Our mini red ones are the first ones to bloom in the garden but that's a long way off.

    I like the idea of changing kitchen curtains according to the season. Must tell Jo and see what we can do. (We need new ones anyway!)

  5. Gorgeous selective focus and color in that first image.

    Happy MM

  6. Beautiful tulips.

    Regards and best wishes

  7. Ginny - Actually I did not soften the images in that first photo, the camera did that all by itself in macro position ;)

    GB - The first bouqets of tulips in February are always special because they symbolise looking forward to spring while winter is still keeping its grip over us outside. They may look a bit stiff and formal when they first arrive but then they "open up"... which is a fun photography challenge if nothing else!

  8. John, certain dates and/or events we keep carrying with us whether they are bitter or sweet or both... As for the changing of kitchen curtains according to season it is tradition in many homes in Sweden; especially for Christmas. Since my winter ones are not too specifically Christmassy but just red-and-white checkered I usually have them up from mid/end Nov to mid/end Feb. In spring/summer I prefer milder and sunnier colours like yellow or green. My walls and kitchen cabinets are neutral so I use textiles to add colour.

  9. That looks so very luscious. And your tulip images are gorgeous...I especially like the deep purple one.

  10. of course you had to drag out the camera, which one of us, your readers would NOT?? i like the twin shot, and the colors of the tulips scream happy spring time. i am with ginny, lets see the yellow curtains and the window.

  11. I have been wanting to get some tulip blooms to use in my still life studies. Here in Lexington they are hard to find. Too bad we do not live in Seattle where you can find them anywhere. Your captures are wonderful. The deep purple of that tulip is lovely and I liked seeing your twin. Happy Hump Day. genie


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