Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentine’s Day Greetings

To My Valentine1  1908 _0001

Flickering through the old postcard albums mentioned in my previous post, I happened to notice these two anonymous Valentine’s card sent to my grandmother’s half-brother Gustav (born 1878) while he was living in Galeton, Pennsylvania, in 1908. They seem to have been posted in Galeton, too.

A Loving Thought1 190X_0001

Passing the loving thoughts on to my blogging friends!

♥ ♥ ♥

I’m working on the layout of a new blog for posting more greetings from the past – in the future…

I decided to put it on a separate blog account using a different signature. And yes (to those who wondered) it will be bi-lingual, if not word-by-word translation at least summaries. I’ll put a link in here as soon as I feel ready.

In the meantime – have a great Valentine’s Day!


  1. You are going to start a third blog???

  2. I'm looking forward to this because it's going to be like a private diary.

  3. That second card is wonderful. Looking forward to the new blog.

  4. these are amazing and over 100 years old makes them even more amazing. have a wonderful day and don't eat to much chocolate. none for me, i had pancakes for breakfast for my sugar fix

  5. Happy Valentine's Day, your new blog sounds interesting.


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