Thursday, 9 February 2012


About ten years ago, I got a wrist-rest like this with built-in mouse – called a Rollermouse – as a handicap aid to use with my computer. I got it on ‘permanent loan’ for free and very grateful for that, because back then I had very little money and an uncertain future (this was before I got my handicap pension) and it was a big help since I had (still have) problems using a regular mouse.

I should perhaps add that back then I had an old desktop computer. Now I use it together with a separate keyboard when I use the laptop in the study.


A few years ago, the Rollermouse showed a tendency to sometimes go partly on strike. It was the clicking of the roller-bar that stopped working. It was like that for a while, on and off, with my old laptop. But when I got my new laptop – ‘Bella’ - two years ago, then suddenly the Rollermouse started to work perfectly again with that computer; and has continued to do so, until a few days ago. I’ve connected and disconnected it any number of times during the last two years without problems. Until…

…. the other day it suddenly partly went on strike again, and wouldn’t reconnect whatever I did. When I realized how long I’d had it – really, 10+ years is quite a long time for any computer-related device! – I decided to just buy a new one of my own, since I can now afford it. Last night, I searched and found a web-shop from where I could order and pay by invoice, and on top of all it was on sale just now, and no extra freight cost. So I ordered one.

It’s just that… Guess what I just realized? In the meantime, the old one has once more mysteriously popped back into working order and is again responding as it should! Well, never mind… Actually the gel filled wrist-supports are getting worn too.

Anyway, it struck me that some of you might never have heard of the Rollermouse, and as I also happened last night to come across some YouTube demos of it, I thought I’d introduce it to you.


  1. you were right, never heard of it or seen one, this is amazing and i will be checking into it. the mouse is what causes my neck/wrist/shoulder pains. when it gets bad i have to stop, thanks for sharing. i watched the video and it looks good from her. Rich has a roller ball, but it is just one on his desktop because all he can use is the palm of his hand.

  2. came back to see the computer, this is exactly what i need, i did check a couple of price and it is kind of expensive, i looked at rollerball 2

  3. I've never heard of one of those either! I had a similar problem with my phone recently. Went out and bought a new one, only to find the oldie had recovered. I tell myself with prices rising all the time, by the time I need the new one, it will be a real bargain.

  4. I use gel wrist supports as well and by coincidence got a new one yesterday - not because the old ones are worn out yet but because I realised how difficult it would be if I ever couldn't get them. So I thought I'd store up a spare. So I'd be happy that fate has sent you in search of a new rollermouse and keep it as a spare because you can bet if the other one does ever finally die (instead of just pretending)you'll find they've stopped making them.
    And wow - 10 years is antique in computer-related things.

  5. I'd never heard of a rollermouse, what a brilliant idea.


  6. I use an Apple Magic Mouse which is connected to the laptop via Bluetooth. Its design has certainly removed a lot of the discomfort I had with an ordinary mouse although I find it as some issues with Google Earth maps. I have a gell wrist support (which SS/CJ gave me) which I've always used in Eagleton but here I sit up close to the laptop and have the mouse at the side of the keyboard so that my arm rests on the surface on which the laptop sits. It's stopped my wrist/arm/neck issues.

    When my things start being eratic I usually find that it's a low battery or poor battery connection. I have the problem constantly with remotes for TVs and so on as well as the computer peripherals.

  7. Graham, the Rollermouse has no battery (it is a USB device) so in this case that source of problem can be ruled out. Some other kind of loose connection within it I dare say but none that I can access.


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