Friday, 3 February 2012

When Time Froze

I have a radio controlled clock. Or had. That is, I still have the clock, but it no longer seems willing to be controlled, neither by radio signal nor manually by me. Or else Someone Out There is seriously messing with Time!

Suddenly this afternoon I noticed that the clock was four hours behind. So I concluded it probably needed a new battery.

After I inserted a new battery, it moved forward a few hours, then stopped. I took out the battery and tried another. Then it moved forward exactly four hours, and stopped.

I took out the battery and reinserted the same one. The clock moved forward another four hours.

We played this game a few more rounds, then I gave up. Evidently there are now only three times: 12 o’clock, 4 o’clock or 8 o’clock.

Just thought you’d like to know…



  1. Strange things are going on, looks like you may be caught in a time warp! I think I would throw it out, it would be frightening!

  2. I have a clock on the kitchen wall in the UK which is also linked to the radio clock. It usually sorts itself out after a while. I always thought that the radio time signal was constant but it's not apparently. It only pulses several times a day. Good luck anyway.

  3. Don't throw it out just yet! My radio controlled clock (only one of them so it wasn't the signal) went silly for a few days but eventually it aorted itself out.

  4. Thanks Scriptor and GB for the practical advice - and to Ginny for understanding about time warps!

    Actually I did leave the clock with the battery in, and somehow during the night it found its bearings again. Seems I'm out of the time warp and back to normal today!

  5. i was hear earlier and it ws still not working and i could not comment but ginny did last night, so don't get that at all. glad the clock fixed itself. strange things are going on for sure

  6. Sandra, I only tried the embedded comments during two hours today and I emailed you about it because I remembered you had problems with it before. I just wanted to test it since it's probably been a year or so since I last tried the embedded setting on my blogs. As soon as I got your reply that you still have trouble with it, I changed back.

    My wall clock is another matter ;) ... but just now it's working again!


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