Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A Stroll Around the Mall


On Sunday, thanks to sunny weather, I was able to combine a trip out to our House in the countryside with an errand to the Big Mall across town in that direction – and a stroll around with the camera while waiting for the bus out of town.



Florist’s display at the entrance


Two photos from inside the main mall

CIMG9260-001CIMG9261-001    CIMG9263-001

“Mall Wall” art… Perhaps inspired by the zoo, which is located at this end of the town as well.


An old house across the street from the main mall stands out - purple is a very unusual facade colour. (The name and sign suggests that it is a “new age” kind of giftshop; I’ve never been inside.)


Looking south from the bus stop. The red complex in the background to the right is the town’s big sports arena; rather new.


Looking north. The white sign gives information that a new bypass road project is going on (to lead the traffic out of town a bit more smoothly).


Just near the bus stop where I stood waiting, there is a memorial stating that the original road was constructed in 1921-22 as an emergency relief project financed by the government.


  1. You did a panorama, I am impressed. The mall is so shiny and clean! And I love those old fashioned lights!

    1. Ginny - to do a panorama, I just have to press a button and slowly turn... The camera does the rest!

  2. I always say this, but it's simply true: you live in such beautiful parts of the world. And you really had luck with the weather that day, the images turned out great. So many lovely places to explore and see.

  3. What a lovely tour of the mall and area. Love your new header and background. Back from our trip. It was lovely.

  4. I enjoyed the look round. I should broaden my horizons. I avoid such places.

    1. Adrian, big malls are not my favourites either - I usually do most of my shopping in the town centre (which has no big malls, most of the shops there have separte entrances from the street). All I bought that day was a USB cable which I thought I needed, but could not find at my end of town. Of course after I had bought it, it turned out to be unnecessary. (In fact, I have no use for it at all. So I'll just put it away in a drawer, in case I might need it for some other purpose in the future. By then I'll probably have forgotten all about it, though.) Ah well - at least I got some photos out of the extra trip!

  5. I might have missed the bus.....waiting at a bus stop next to a mall would not be good for my shopping habits!!!
    Lovely surroundings and so clean.....I love your town.
    Hope you were able to get more work done at the house.

  6. I think there must be some magic in a clear blue sky that makes everything else look clean too. :)

  7. We often went to BorĂ¥s when i was little. Looks like it was a beautiful trip.

  8. The purple facade was certainly, er, intriguing. Malls are conveniently warm in the middle of winter and have plenty of parking. From an aesthetic viewpoint the thing I don't like is that they are pretty much the same everywhere in the world. Town centres on the other hand in the UK struggle to survive and have become oceans of empty shops, charity shops and building societies. with some cheap stores in between. Parking is usually expensive and limited. It's a real dilemma.


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