Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Try It On!


2014-05-24 Textile Fashion Center1

Upstairs in the Textile Museum they also have a corner where you can try on the fashion of times past.

2014-05-24 Textile Fashion Center


Does that red dress remind you of anything…?
If you’ve been following my blog for a while, it might!


Yes, that’s right. The froggy dress was made to resemble the sculpture Cloned Frogs on Gala Dress by William Sweetlove – a much discussed piece from our 2010 sculpture biennial; which has now found its place in the main entrance hall of the new Textile Fashion Center. (To read or re-read previous blog posts of mine about it, click the link.)


During the Open House last weekend, besides trying on clothes, you also had the unique chance to get help with a proper makeover…

2014-05-24 Textile Fashion Center2


… and have your portrait taken by a professional photograper.



I settled for playing the diva with a feather boa and taking a “selfie”. (Did you notice me in the first collage?)


  1. I want that green velvet chair in the first picture! How funny!! I recognized the red dress immediately!! Usually here, dresses like this you cannot touch and some you can't even take pictures! So this is all awesome! An interactive Textile Museum!! Now, how much do they charge for you to do all this? I'm thinking you look a bit like Greta Garbo...

  2. I knew you would recognise the dress, Ginny! :) I'm sure that one was made especially for the "try it on" wardrobe. Of course none of the really unique or valuable things go into this wardrobe; people donate more old stuff to the museum than what needs to be preserved for the future.

    During the Open House days (last weekend) there was no admission fee, and the special workshops and activities going on then were free too. I don't know what the normal admission fee is now. I think I still have a free pass as member of a local history society (included in the membership subscription).

  3. You have been having so much fun and so glad you're sharing it with us. I enjoyed the tour, and you look "dahling....."

  4. Yes I did notice you in the second picture and it made a larger imprint in my brain simply because of the new name of 'selfie' for such photos. I think the idea of allowing people to try on the dresses and is good. Here in Scotland (but less so in England) photography in old houses etc is usually forbidden. It's a very silly rule.

    1. There are museums and old houses like that here in Sweden too, where they don't allow you to take photos inside. But many public ones allow it if you just don't use flash (as the extra light can damage old fabrics etc). This is one of them. Lots of people were taking photos, but I also heard someone being told by the guards to turn off the flashlight. I have a handy museum setting on my camera which turns off both flash and sound.

  5. It looks a grand place. I didn't see anything to suit my hair colour.

  6. I saw you right away in that first one, love the boa shot and i would love to do the makeover and try on shoes and hats, i am sure they had no fat lady clothes to try... i did reconize the frog dress... this is a place if i could get to your town i would have to visit. love it

    1. Sandra, I agree that somehow museum clothes often seem to be even smaller than the sizes usually displayed in the shop windows! The one that the lady in my next-to-last picture is wearing (posing for the photographer) seems like it might be an exception, though.

  7. Wish I was looks like so much fun.


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