Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Can’t A Girl Sit And Read In Peace & Quiet?



Yesterday I went in search of this back-street mural which is not in the city center area, but a bit further off. I found it well worth the extra walk, though.


From today’s local newspaper I learn that the murals painted for the festival have so far only got a temporary planning and building permission, lasting until New Year. However, the property owners as well as the general public seem to have taken to them immediately, and want to keep them. So hopefully the temporary permits will be prolonged. (If not made permanent as in “forever”, at least for as long as a normally repainted facade would last.)

From the reactions so far, I do think that if the authorities would decide to remove them too soon, we might see a major citizens’ rebellion!


  1. Wow....that's a really nice mural....hope the authorities change the temporary permit so she can stay a while longer.

  2. Really like this one, she looks like a young Molly Ringwald.

  3. I am not an urban person but these do enhance an urban landscape. They should paint murals on those awful boxes that litter streets. The ones that hold telephone cables and things. I seem to recall they do it in New Zealand.

    1. They do indeed do that in some parts of New Zealand Adrian.

  4. Wow, talk about larger than life!! And the artist has it totally right with the human form and all the nuances. Is she any particular person? Whenever we have big artwork here, at some point it s always done away with, sadly.

  5. i think they should leave them.. i really like them a lot.. love the dog

  6. She's lovely, with her book and dog. May be my favorite.

  7. The murals are wonderful. They definitely should stay. Maybe after three years those walls could be repainted, but art is art not graffiti. I say keep them until the buildings fall down.

  8. So, how would the murals be removed? Just painted over? How sad that would be, and what a waste of time and effort!
    The murals could well become a tourist attraction of your town. Tourist marketing could print a leaflet with a map of the town and a tour to cover them all.

  9. I thought I'd commented on this already but perhaps I just looked at it or perhaps it was on Facebook. I seem to be getting confused in my old age. It's a very impressive piece of art anyway. I agree it would be a great shame to paint over them.


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