Saturday, 6 September 2014

Weekend Reflections: Street Art

There’s a Street Art Festival going on here (Borås, Sweden) this weekend, giving the city a major makeover by adding colourful murals to a number of large, previously rather boring walls.

Weatherwise, the working conditions for the artists could hardly have been better, as we’ve been having absolutely wonderful late summer weather.

I’ll be showing several more murals in later posts, but for Weekend Reflections I’ve chosen the one in progress in a prominent place in central town, just by the river. (Which means, of course, that it is also reflected in the water!)

Tuesday, 2 SeptemberCIMG1490-001


Thursday, 4 SeptemberCIMG1572-001

Friday, 5 September CIMG1626-001

Saturday, 6 SeptemberCIMG1752-002



The man in this huge portrait is Alfred Nobel (1833- 896), founder of the Nobel Prize; a Swedish chemist, engineer and innovator. (Of his 350 different patents, dynamite is probably the most famous.) In his will, he left most of his fortune to the establishment of the Nobel Prize.

The artist behind the mural is Eduardo Kobra from Brazil.


  1. amazing photos of an amazing building. i like the scaffold as much as the painting in the first two. and my favorite is the shot taken on my birthday, the 5th... the reflection shots are super....

  2. Oh what an amazing piece of art, and the reflections are stunning.

  3. WOW ! I love the colors, I found the way you present the graph in progress very interesting, and "cerise sur le gateau" you could catch a water reflection... This one of my favourite post, this week.

  4. I love it, and the reflection!I I hope they will be ding MORE, and I want to see them all!! And please tell me they will NOT be washing them off!!!

  5. I love this, will it stay forever?

  6. Wow...what artistic's GREAT!!
    I always wondered how they are able to paint art on such high buildings so close to them.....I guess that's what makes a great need for so much space to create a masterpiece.
    Thanks for sharing this, I am looking forward to your future posts of the other street art.

    1. Virginia, I agree. This goes a bit beyond amateurish graffiti, indeed...

  7. Ginny, Adrian... Not sure about "forever" (as that is a very long time), but I do think the major murals painted this weekend (of which this is one) are meant to be kept some years at least.

  8. I always enjoy such efforts and the way they lighten and bring joy to the cities.

  9. Very impressive! The mirror image in the river just adds to the overall effect.

  10. How cool to watch the progress of the artwork! Great post.

  11. That is one truly impressive artwork, in a great position. THe reflections add to the drama. I think your city is second to none when it comes to public art.


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