Thursday, 30 July 2015

Museum Railway (Anten - Gräfsnäs)

2015-07-20 Anten









The sign on the letter box says:
The letter box
will be emptied by
railway staff
at the end of traffic days.

Anten is a lake north-west of Alingsås. It is also the name of an old railway station and the starting point of a 12 km museum railway. The station was not really on my list of places to visit; but when we passed the sign we found ourselves kind of automatically turning into that road anyway… Our dad was a big railway and steam train enthusiast; and our family holidays in the past always included stopping at any station house or railway museum!

There were no trains running on this day though, so we just made a short photo stop “for old times sake”. And then got back into the car and drove to the other end of the railway, which was on my list – for reasons you will find out more about in future posts.


  1. I would definitely have stopped here it looks wonderful.

  2. I love old trains and train stations so we'd have definitely stopped.

  3. Yes I love old trains too. CJ and my prep school had two lines adjacent to it and the steam trains plied back and forth. It was probably the best thing about the school (the lunches certainly weren't). Pauline and I went of an old railway in New Zealand last time I was there and the coaches were not dissimilar to the one there.

  4. How lovely! The little windows and wrought ironwork, and the clean bright paintwork, and everything so spick and span. I will have to come back for the post about the other end of the platform...

  5. awesome shots, you know i love trains


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