Saturday, 27 May 2017

Weekend Reflections: 'Before The Fall'

This is the place where went to take photos last Friday - before my own unfortunate fall (see previous post). It's an old water mill (dating back to the 1600s), with a millpond, a small waterfall, and some additional buildings.

Nowadays the place serves as some kind of cultural centre for artists, with art classes, workshops and exhibitions etc. (Nothing going on for the general public just at the moment, though.)

Weekend Reflections 


  1. such a beautiful place to wander and NOT fall.. all that green and reflections and bricks and the little red building. just beautiful

  2. It is gorgeous! And I love the reflections. The first shot is practically timeless. You answered me question, too. I was going to ask how it is being used or if there are tours. I guess it is lots of inspiration for the artists. How are you today?

  3. You had a fall? I missed that (being away most weekends with irregular access to the blogosphere often means I miss important stuff from my friends) and will go back to your previous post right away.
    The area around the mill looks very beautiful, and quiet! I bet it was not really quiet back in the day when the mill was actively used.

  4. That is so beautiful and tranquil.


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