Monday, 3 January 2022

Hello 2022


Fireworks photos taken through my living-room windows about 15 minutes or so into the new year. I didn't dare open the door to the balcony as it was really intense out there for a while around midnight... Most of it at some distance, but also some explosions too close for my liking (rattling the windows). 

I have had a long-standing tradition of celebrating New Year's Eve at my place with a handful of friends - but that was back in the pre-pandemic era (which is somehow beginning to feel rather remote). Last year we cancelled (still in the pre-vaccination era). In the early autumn I thought for a while that maybe we'd be able to pick up the tradition again (if everyone had had their jabs and were symptom-free etc). But then infection numbers generally started rising again, in spite of the vaccine. So what with one thing and another (and none of us getting any younger), we decided to "play it safe" this year as well.

So I spent another New Year's Eve on my own. The "on my own" part in itself is not a problem. What makes New Year stand out is all the fireworks and (forbidden) bangers; and that with all that noise, it's no use even trying to go to bed/sleep before 1:30 pm. Ah well. After two years with this virus constantly hovering in the background, I have kind of got used to taking things one day/week/step at a time.

After New Year (even a normal one) it usually takes me another week or so to get back into more regular rhythm. On Sunday morning I slept until 10:30. I woke up earlier of course, but fell back to sleep. Thought of skipping breakfast for some kind of 'brunch', but ended up having breakfast at 11 and lunch in the mid afternoon. 

Today I was up a lot earlier, but for some reason, I've kept thinking it's Tuesday, even though it's only Monday. Another holiday - Epiphany - coming up on Thursday is not likely to help when it comes to getting this week sorted out correctly in my head! (lol)

As for the weather, the magic white Christmas we had seems like a dream now. The last week has been quite the opposite: rainy, grey, foggy, 6-7°C (43-44°F)...

Most days I've managed to get out for a short walk - but they've not been very photo-inspiring... 

Walking around the old cemetery for a bit of exercise before lunch on New Year's Eve, I snapped this shot with my phone, just to remind myself later of why I didn't take any more photos this week! (Since then, all the snow has gone away completely.) 

Indoors, I've basically alternated between binge-re-watching the series The Crown on Netflix (I heard a new season is coming up in 2022), and scanning/reading my way through old postcards from the early 20th century for my family history blog, Greetings from the Past.

Here are two Swedish New Year cards from around 1915:



  1. Hope your 2022 is healthy, wealthy and wise! THanks for checking in here and updating us on your life. Mine isn't much different, just no snow (that sticks), and last week/month was unusually warm.

  2. Great fireworks photos; they must have been really close. I'm glad your windows didn't blow out!

  3. Well my New Year, which was spent on my own, was exceptionally quiet.

    I particularly like the first of the two New Year cards. It has a wonderful simplicity. I wish that I could create trees and light in that way.

    1. Graham, I like that card too, and can imagine that one as a painting on the wall. I quite like the second card too, but from the funny aspect :)

  4. It was not as quiet as expected in my town, considering that it was forbidden to sell fireworks and light them in public spaces. But there was definitely less than in pre-pandemic times, last but not least meaning less rubbish on the streets the next morning.
    My sister also told me about a new season of The Crown coming up, I will definitely watch that!
    The 6th is a holiday in my part of Germany, too. As we are only going back to work next week, I am fast losing track of what day of the week it is!

    1. Meike, here they have forbidden the bangers that only make noise, and I think there were probably less of those this year - but as for rockets, possibly even more of those instead...

  5. i love the snow scene but think I choose the snowman as best liked. that one shot does say dreary all by itself. good idea to docurment why you did not take more pics. our fireworks start in the middle of the day and go for 24 hours, not actual fireworks like your photos but the loud pops and bangs. drives me nuts.

    1. Sandra, there is always some popping and banging going on here ahead of time as well (often starting right after Christmas). I think maybe a little less of that this year, partly because of bangers being forbidden now, and partly perhaps because of the wet and dull weather making it less fun to be out and about in the evenings...

  6. I too, spent New Year alone - with just the dog for company. I'm quite happy with that.
    I've celebrated at so many New Years parties in the past, and found that they can sometimes drag on and on. When we were in the UK we had tradition of going to friend's homes for a meal, and then hosting a late afternoon lunch for the same crowd on New Year's Day, which frequently turned into another party.
    I watched the town's display of fireworks from the comfort of my terrace - they started half an hour before midnight, so someone's timing was out, and it was all over before the New Year chimes!


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