Thursday, 1 September 2022

Sunrise Skywatch



Yesterday morning (31 August) I happened to be out of bed at the right time to catch this dramatic sunrise sky from my kitchen window.


  1. its beautiful, I am an avid sky watcher, no matter the time of day or if bad or good weather. sunrise is my favorite time of the day

  2. Really nice orange skies there, I"m guessing Autumn is on it's way?

    1. Yes Amy, there is a hint of autumn in the air now - although it's still rather summery as well. In my opinion, warm enough in the daytime when the sun is shining - but with cool nights to balance.

  3. Wonderful! I am glad (for you as much as for us here on your blog) you were up and about in time to catch this beautiful sunrise. The early morning sky looks beautiful from my kitchen window these days, too, but I know it won't be half as good on photos.

  4. That is a truly dramatic sunrise!

  5. Thanks also for sharing this beautiful sunrise...great colors on those clouds!

  6. These skies are truly stunning. So glad you were up and taking pictures so you can share them with us!

  7. Thanks Everyone for visiting and commenting :)


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