Saturday, 27 May 2023


My last post (with photos from last Saturday) ended with the first azaleas in bloom in the cemetery close to where I live. This week they've been in their full glory, so here are some more photos...



  1. I think Azaleas are my absolute favourite shrubs. So frothy, blousy and extravagant with gorgeous colours.
    Thanks for the photos.

  2. they are stunning, so bright, so beautiful and I love JayCee frothy, blousy for description. Wish my Mother could see these

  3. What magnificent flowers - they are a delight to the eye. Jaycee is so right - extravagant is such a good description.

  4. I love the brilliant orange ones the best. You don't see that color of azalea around here.

  5. Gorgeous! We‘ve been to the palace gardens yesterday, and our azaleas are (as usual) about three weeks ahead, with some of them almost „done“ flowering.


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