Thursday, 23 February 2012

BTT: Blogging About Books

Booking Through Thursday: Deb and Yvonne ask:

What do you look for when reading a book blog?
Does the blogger have to read the same genre?
Do you like reviews? Personal posts? Memes?
Giveaways? What attracts you to a book blog?
And–what are your favorite book blogs?

Actually, I don’t regularly follow any blog/meme that is all about books except if you count this one (Booking Through Thursday, which deals with general questions about reading habits rather than reviews).

I only read book reviews online for two reasons: One is if I’m looking for something specific. The other is if I know the blogger and am curious to see what he/she reads – especially of course if I know that at least partly we share the same interests. (And okay, a third reason may be if I just randomly happen to land on one; but that happens with all kinds of blog topics!)

A personal blog post is usually of more interest to me than a book review written by someone I know nothing else about.

I quite like Booking Through Thursday though, because it makes me think a bit on my own reading habits, and widens my outlook too. I do usually go round to look at quite a few other answers to this meme, whether I comment on them or not.

I’ll take the opportunity to mention a new blog by a blogging friend in England:
Once A Librarian. (Also in other contexts known as Scriptor Senex.)


  1. A good answer.

  2. this one is easy, i don't do book blogs, accept of course when you do one. LOL

  3. Sandra, I think I have enough on my plate just now, without starting a separate book blog (LOL) I think I'll stick to just mixing my occasional reviews in on this blog as before.

  4. I must admit that my other book blog is all reviews but it is primarily for my own benefit so that I have an impetus to keep a list of what I read (and to remind myself what I thought of it). How I wush I'd kept such a list forty years ago...

    Thanks for mentioning 'Once a Librarian'. Hopefully that will be of more general interest and will wander across the whole spectrum of librries and literature.


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