Sunday, 26 February 2012

Straight Out of the Tea Shop


For Straight Out Of the Camera Sunday

On Friday I visited my favourite tea shop to renew my stash:
A local blend of black (not sure exactly what’s in it but it’s one my favourites), peppermint candy black, black currant black, “peach bonanza” green,  “sea-fire” green (I think it has sea-buckthorn berries in it) and…


Tropical Dream (green tea with… red currants, papaya and something more that I’ve already forgotten)

I wish there was a button to send scents, but alas…!


  1. When you say 'tea shop' does that men a shop totally devoted to selling teas? I'm not aware of any in the UK though GB may be.

  2. i have never heard of or seen teas like these, i like that last shot, so it looks like they put small pieces of fruit in the tea? and that makes it fruity tasting? maybe you could use the teas as potpourri

  3. Scriptor: Tea & coffee (the latter they grind in the shop). Bread (from a bakery), some more unusual biscuits, marmalades, chocolates and candy; and teapots and other related utensils. I've posted about it before, you'll find it by clicking the label 'tea'.

  4. I can almost imagine the smell of it. I love fresh tea's like that. And I love the smell when getting into a tea/coffee shop where you can buy the "real" stuff.
    Have a lovely Sunday!


  5. I always love your tea shop posts! I have never heard of these kinds of teas, they don't even have them in our tea shop!!! I would love to smell them.


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