Sunday, 12 February 2012

Weekend Reflections


▲For James’ Weekend Reflections:
Me taking a rear mirror shot of my brother refueling the car.▲

My brother came down this weekend (I say ‘down’ because he lives 300 km north of here) and we had yet another round of trying to sort a few things in The House outside town.

On Saturday we had another visitor coming to have a look at various research material left behind by our dad; this time concentrating on getting some tips what to do with all the railway-related stuff. Dad wrote or participated in compiling four books on railways (“dead and alive”) in this area. Had his health not declined as it did in the last decade, there might have been one or two more.


Our visitor this weekend was a sprightly 84-year-old man who worked together with dad on some of the book projects. He certainly seemed to still have his wits about him while at the same time still keeping up a spirit of enthusiasm. He took a tour of the shelves in the study, gave us some hints what might be interesting to whom, and some names and places to contact. Per will follow up these ‘leads’. B himself seemed to know his own limitations, but he did take with him a disc that Per had compiled from dad’s computer + three boxes of slides seeming to relate to projects in which he and dad were both involved.

In the afternoon I dipped into a different kind of project and made a find of more interest to myself… But that deserves a post of its own, so I’ll get back to that!


  1. now i am WAITING for what you found that interest you, I hope it is tomorrow, since I don't wait well.
    glad you found someone to help with sorting. at first when i saw the photo, i thought they have people who pump gas? then i read it is your brother. we were just talking about the fact we used to pull in and sit in the car and get the gas pumped and the windshield washed and oil checked. not now

  2. What a marvellously tidy study your Dad had. Obviously an organised mind!

  3. Scriptor: Once upon a time, yes :) Took me all summer and autumn though to get through the unsorted layer to get the room back into such a state that we could even think about inviting anyone to come look at it. This is only one end of the room - one of the short walls!

  4. What a treasure trove - a lifetime in a room.


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