Monday, 2 April 2012

April Fool’s News


In Sweden we often get April Fool’s jokes in the newspapers on 1 April. Yesterday at breakfast I was not quite aware of the date yet so for a second or so a “what?!” flashed through my brain… The story to go with this photo was that the town had taken the decision to officially change its name to a “” address and had already put up the road signs with the new name.

Do you get April Fool’s News where you live?

The scary thing is that sometimes it’s becoming kind of hard to tell the April Fool’s news apart from the real ones. This one in our local paper I think was a good one - it’s funny without doing any harm. But I read in an online article that some of the false news this 1 April were more questionable and might have caused more serious worry until they were revealed as jokes (like  false warnings about medical side effects).


  1. That was so funny :) [hehe]

  2. This is HILARIOUS, my first good laugh of the day!!!

  3. The picture makes it even funnier!!!

  4. cool photo!
    oh yes, we have april's fool news in germany as well. me too, I published one in my blog: a sun-tanning screen for computers:
    nice idea, right?!
    there were even serious phone calls from friends about it.
    have a nice spring!

  5. Oh, this was very funny!

  6. Love these April Fool's pranks. The best I heard of here was on an official discounted travel website where they were introducing standing only flights to Australia - for $9 I think. Many fell for it - I can't remember how many thousands of hits they had, but it was a lot.

  7. I think that's a really good one. I'm not so keen on ones which worry or upset people


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