Sunday, 22 April 2012

Tussilago / Coltsfoot


Tussilago farfara, also known as Coltsfoot.

The name "tussilago" means "cough suppressant". Although still coughing, I was not really tempted to pick these for medicinal use when I came upon them yesterday down by the river… I was just happy to find a sign of spring!


Took the last cortisone tablets on Friday. Although still coughing, there’s been less of it today, and the good news is that today for the first day in nearly two weeks (“touch wood”) I have not felt in need of any extra asthma inhalations. Tiredness seems now to be taking over instead – I feel I’d like to sleep for a week!

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  1. I'm glad you're doing better. When I go off Prednisone, I usually really crash, because it keeps me awake.

  2. did your try the yellow flowers to see if they help your cough? LOL just kidding

  3. Good to hear you are well enough now to be out again!

  4. Your post will get a mention on my blog in the next day or so because of what Blogger is now doing to me! I'm thinking of going to sleep for a hundred years in the hope that Blogger will have sorted itself out by the time I wake up. In the light of how tired you are I'd invite you to join me but people might take that the wrong way! :-)


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