Monday, 9 April 2012

Freezing Easter


I think the photo of my poor daffodils on the balcony pretty much tells the story. I tried to wrap them up in fiber cloth to protect them. They seem to have survived, but didn’t enjoy the weather much. The same goes for me! Actually it seems today that I even contracted a cold… (I know they say colds have nothing to do with cold weather as such, but…)

Have you noticed that Picasa has some fun new editing features?! Among them a HDR style, used above, and Holga style, used below.



  1. Isch, ni har fått mer snö ser jag. Det ser kallt ut!
    Här har det vart mulet och grått men helt ok.
    Coola features i Picasa ;) använder det en hel del.
    Ha en skön kväll.


  2. i haven't been to Picasa in a long time, will have to poke around and see what they added. so sorry you got ice again, hope it doesn't last long and that your plants make it through safely.

  3. There's nothing like a cold snap to destroy the flowers that were tricked into bloom by a warm spell. Nature's like that.

    Because I use Apple I no longer use Picasa but they look interesting.

  4. All my editing of pictures (if I do any at all, mostly I simply use them as they are) is done in IrfanView before I upload them to my picasa or photobucket albums, but maybe it is worth having a look at the new picasa features.
    Too cold over the Easter weekend here, too, although we did not have snow; it went just below freezing point on Sunday night, though. And today, 20C is forecast!

    1. Never heard of Irfanview before. I like Picasa because I find it simple to use without having to understand every little detail ;)


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