Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Fickleness of April



▲ Yesterday morning (Tuesday) this was the sight that met my eye through the windows. ▼



The snow did not last very long, but the poor spring flowers are having a tough time between freezing every other night and thawing again when the sun comes out.



Forsythia (photos from today, outside).

Further north in Sweden they’ve had much worse snow chaos lately, and more is to be expected. Here in the south-west we might get away with rain – but that yet remains to be seen.

Snow video from the Swedish Television website


  1. Well, I know that Sweden has worse and longer winters than we do, but is this normal??? I hope it doesn't make your condition worse....

  2. April is a very tricky month and never to be trusted. It can be winterlike one week and a hint of summer the next. In the northern parts, snow in April is not uncommon. Here in the south, it is more unusual. We had warmer weather in March this year so things do feel a bit upside-down!

    I'm not really feeling up for more than very short walks just now anyway; and if the weather is bad (snow, rain) no real need for me to go out at all the next few days. I still have plenty of food and other necessities. So I'm not feeling too stressed about the weather just at the moment. (In some ways I might feel more restless if the weather was really lovely outside but I still couldn't be out much!)

  3. the Forsythia is so beautiful. its good it came when you are sick indoors, hope it doesn't last long. snow plows in the video means its bad.

  4. And I thought our British weather was fickle! Yours seems even more so. Stay warm!

  5. No snow here but Tuesday's summer-like day was followed by a bitter wind and cloud yesterday. Variety is the spice of life so it is said. I think we could all do with a bit less variety so long as (keeping to the analogy) the kitchen has a good chef.


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