Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Household Remedies


In yesterday’s post I asked what you thought might be the origin of a paler version of the picture above. It was created by using the ‘colour reduction’ filter in Picasa. …In the version above, I’ve added colour boost to the colour reduction ...




Lomo style.  Getting any ideas yet?


HDR style


Ta da! The answer is: Fizzy Vitamin C dissolving in a glass of water on my sink.

Some people believe very strongly in additional vitamin C as household remedy in connection with colds. I’m oversensitive to fresh citrus fruits so don’t eat oranges etc. (they make my mouth itch), but I do think I usually get enough vitamin C from other fruits and berries and vegetables and juices.  In recent years I have not had a lot of colds; I can’t even remember when  I last (before now!) had a really bad one with fever and chest infection.

However,  someone mentioned their faith in vitamin C last week and as I happened to see a tube of them in my grocery shop, I picked one up. I suppose a temporary boost for a few days might do more good than harm (or possibly no difference whatsoever).

I think I would really have preferred it with fewer artificial colour additives though.

My own household remedy this week has been lots of cups of herbal peppermint tea with a little honey added. That’s between all the other cups of black, green and rooibos tea as well!

Do you have any household remedies? Or remember any from your childhood? One that I recall is that my maternal grandfather used to smear butter on skin irritations like burns or bites. (Of course in those days that would be real butter and not table margarine!)


  1. love that last shot of the fizzy glass. the only home remedy i can think of right now, is dabbing ammonia on stings and bites. one thing i do is for paper cuts or those cuticle things that hurt, use a chap stick, instant relief and it heals it.

  2. I put ice on burns and bruises, baking soda paste for itches.

  3. Baking soda for tooth whitening. Saves money on expensive bleaching products!

  4. I am ill so rarely that I hardly know any household remedies. But I remember my mum used to make syrup with a lot of onions for us to ease coughs. It doesn't sound like it, but it was sweet, that home-made syrup.

  5. So how does it taste? It looks a bit like Ginger Ale! Many years ago when vitamins were all the big rage, Phil would take massive doses of vitamin C when a cold was coming on. It made the cold better, but then it came back and was much more horrible than a regular cold, so he never takes it anymore. We have gotten completely rid of many colds, I just did this week, with Cold Eze zinc lozenges, they can be miraculous. My mom always said drink honey and lemon, a doctor told her there was nothing else better for you when you had a sore throat. And I think your tea and honey is excellent! I adore mint tea and honey when I am sick and keep it on hand all the time. Peppermint is also great for settling your stomach. also to teaspoons of vinegar before eating ill fix heartburn and acid reflux. they showed this on the Dr.Oz show on T.V. and it has worked for my friend.


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