Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Feathers and Eggs

In Sweden (and some other European countries) we have a tradition at Easter to take in branches of birch and decorate them with colourful feathers and eggs.


▲ From outside a day care centre last spring.

In more recent years, it has also become a tradition in our town to have a big Easter Tree in the town square. Last year I managed to get some colourful photos of it against an incredibly clear blue sky: ▼


This year I wasn’t in town to see the tree until Easter Monday, which was such a grey, dull, wet and chilly day (and with no shops and hardly any restaurants open) that even a decorated tree could not do much to liven things up: ▼


▲ Straight from my mobile ▼


My aunt and uncle putting on a smile for me in the rain outside just about the only restaurant in town open for lunch on Easter Monday.


▲ Going for a short walk around my neighbourhood on Easter Sunday, I saw this tree in a garden. I think that’s the first time I’ve seen a private tree of that size decorated for Easter.

We are soooo longing for Nature to bring on some colour of its own! Doesn’t look like that is going to happen during the next week though…

In the meantime, the cold I began to suspect yesterday, has gone on to a stage way beyond mere suspicion. (I can only hope I didn’t pass it on to my aunt and uncle!)

To try and look on the bright side: When my brother was here on Saturday he helped me get a lot of supplies home from the supermarket. I also have the basic medicines etc. So no need to go out for a few days, if staying in should feel like the best thing to do. Not that the time ever feels “right” for a sore throat, running nose and a bad cough… But it could be worse.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that your cold has developed. I hope it is short-lived.

    Decorating the trees like that is a lovely tradition. A change of weather and light really alters everything completely though.

  2. The twigs and feathers outside the day care centre are lovely.

    I hope your cold is very short-lived.

  3. You're right, there's never a right time to catch a cold. Take care of yourself and I hope it passes quickly. The decorated trees are delightful, a lovely tradition.

  4. I have not yet seen a large tree decorated for Easter here in Germany, but people do love to decorate their front gardens, mostly with (plastic) eggs hung on bushes, or ceramic Easter bunnies and eggs and so on.
    Get well soon!

  5. sorry your cold has escalated and gotten worse. hope you feel better soon. i love the building behind the Easter tree, and the sky in the first pic. here's hoping blue skies will be shining on you SOON... glad you had help stocking up on your supplies.


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