Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Engines & Automobiles – Trollhättan (6)


After our visit to the Falls, we decided to also pay our respects to the Saab Car Museum – located at the Innovatum Science Center, on premises that back in my youth used to house another of Trollhättan’s historic heavy industries – Nohab, manufacturer of things like turbines for power plants, railway locomotives, and also aircraft and ship engines.


If we hadn’t had a car, we could have used the new cableway (400 m long, 32 m above ground) that nowadays connects this area with the tourist attractions on the other side of the canal (power plants, falls and locks).  


I was glad we did have the car, though – and not just because of the rain! Have to confess I’m not keen on dangling in a little cable cabin up in the air myself… Even if I suppose it really is a rather clever solution in a town where they can only have a minimum of bridges because of the boat traffic in the canal.

As tribute to all the locomotives once produced at Nohab, there is still one standing outside to be admired.


2015-07-20--21 semester2015 nohablok

I’m afraid my photos from the Saab Museum are rather random. Apart from never having been very good at telling one car apart from another, I was very tired by the time we got there. I just strolled around a bit and pointed the camera at a few things that caught my eye; and then I sat down and waited for Per, who probably had a better idea of what he was looking at. He told me afterwards, for example, that some of the cars were prototypes that never actually got out on the market. Whether that includes any of those I happed to snap with my camera, I dare not say…











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  1. i would have done the same thing with the pics of cars, i like them but not hours of looking at them. we went to a museum once and bob stopped at every car for a good 3 to 5 minutes, i had to find a seat and wait... i like but i like to scan them as i walk quickly by. i love the front of the Saab building, beautiful. and i would NOT ride in the cable car.

  2. Well considering that you only took random photos at the Saab Museum, you did exceptionally well.
    I loved the old locomotive photo too.

  3. I'd have loved to go on the cable car! You're right, it is a very clever idea in a town where the number of bridges have to be limited.
    The Saab car museum looks interesting enough even to someone like me, who is not a car enthusiast (and never will be). A bit like our Porsche museum here!

  4. My first new car was a Saab 96. I think the recent history of Saab is a motor industry tragedy. Of course I would have revelled in the visit.


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