Friday, 25 December 2015

December 25 - The Tooth Fairy & Co

These are some of the new additions to my collection of "odd" Christmas ornaments, found in the parcels waiting under my tree yesterday. (It's mostly a passive kind of collection, mind... They just keep coming, and the population keeps growing...) 

The little grumpy-looking grey creature really came bearing another name (the original sign says "data virus"); but was renamed by me towards the end of the evening (Christmas Eve) - when I happened to break a tooth! Only three weeks after my annual check-up at the dentist's... And it was neither fudge nor toffee nor chocolate that did it... But a piece of dentist-prescribed fluoride chewing gum! Believable story, eh? (Sigh.)

It was one of the four corners of a molar that went. The filling in the middle is still in place, though, and I'm not in pain. The answering machine at my dentist's informs me they'll be back on Monday morning, so I think I'll manage to survive until then - even if it involves some slight changes in the Christmas menu.

Ah well, as I'm spending a quiet Christmas in my own company this year, it's not as if I had all that much of a special menu planned in advance anyway... Plenty of food though; no worries about that. So today I chopped some ham very fine and put it in a quiche (very tasty and hardly requires any chewing at all).

Outside, a Christmas storm with rain has been raging most of the day today. Protected by some more friendly Christmas fairy (perhaps), I managed a short walk in the late morning, in between showers. Five minutes after I got back in, the rain was hitting my windows hard again. Anyway I have been quite happy to stay in the rest of the day.

Yesterday morning at 11 am (before the tooth incident), I also managed a visit to a Nativity church service.


  1. beautiful collage of the church service and all your little collection is cute... that is exactly what happened to my tooth, chewing gum, the left back corner broke off, leaving 3/4 tooth filling stayed. i had to wait 17 days to get and appt, but like you i was careful and made it without pain. until the pain of i needed a crown... wishing you no pain and a quick visit to the dentist.

  2. Thanks Sandra. It's not the first time this happens to me either. I'm not even sure how many crowns I have by now, if it's three or four or more. I was really hoping I'd get through Christmas without any tooth incident though, as I had my annual check-up only three weeks ago... I've had the same dentist for over 25 years, they do usually manage to squeeze me in if something like this happens. I'll give them a ring first thing on Monday and hope for the best.

  3. At least the nerve isn't exposed so that is a boon. I trust it will last the weekend OK. After the binge of a big Christmas dinner yesterday, a quiche sounds just up my street.

    1. So far, so good, John. And it keeps me from being tempted to eat chocolate between meals! ;)

  4. Oh no, another tooth accident! I seem to remember that it's not all that long ago that something like that happened to you. Good to know that you are not in pain now. That would have really been... well, a pain in the tooth ;-)
    I like the "data virus"! (Not the real ones, obviously.)

    1. It certainly happens far too often for my liking, Meike!


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