Tuesday, 8 December 2015

December 8 – In the Dark


Feeling uninspired today. Also a bit frustrated because it seems that the flash on my camera has stopped working. Not that I use the flash much, even for indoors photography… But still! (Even less reason for it to go on strike, one might think.)

Ah well. I guess I may take it as an excuse to start thinking about getting a new camera, perhaps. Even if not immediately.

Anyway, there I was, feeling uninspired, and not knowing what to post about today. So turned back to the box of old drawings from my childhood. (See Dec 5.) Besides rabbits, it seems I was also into ghost stories. And beneath the picture above, there was a message written to my future self: Did you know that ghosts have “flashlight” eyes which they turn on when they are out scaring people, and want to see in the dark?

I have to confess I had completely forgotten.


  1. your talent is showing again... so sorry you can't continue to draw, you have talent. your treasures are bringing back memories for you to share with us

  2. Oh if only we could retain the imagination we had as a child.

  3. It is kind of fun but also slightly puzzling to meet one's younger self expressed in forgotten drawings :) I suspect the ghosts (there was a whole family of those, as well as the rabbits) may have been inspired by a contemporary Swedish children's picture book series - in English known as The Little Ghost Godfrey . There were also TV cartoon versions of it, I think. I should have been a bit too old for those myself at the time, but considering that my brother was (still is, I suppose!) six years younger, I suppose it might make sense...

  4. There were a few years in my childhood - when I was about 10 I think - when I was very much into ghost stories. I read any I could get my hands on! But I don't think I drew or painted ghosts. Your childhood drawings are such a treasure, thank you for sharing them here with us!

  5. I count drawing along with whistling and playing the drums among the huge list of things that I just can't do or excel at doing badly. So I just love your ghost. I remembered the flashlight eyes but only when you mentioned them.


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