Wednesday, 9 December 2015

December 9 – Time To Watch Out


The wrist strap on my watch was worn out and needed replacing, and today when I was in town I stepped into a shop to buy a new one. Strap, that is – not watch. I was somewhat taken aback when, after I had expressed my wish, the girl behind the counter said: “It would be cheaper to buy a new watch.”

It’s not that I’m surprised at the fact as such. I know that’s how it is nowadays. My watch is not a valuable one; it was not expensive even when I bought it (some years and one or two straps and battery changes ago). I don’t wear it as a piece of precious jewellery, but for practical reasons when I’m out and about. At home, I take it off, as I have clocks in every room. But when I go out, I put on the watch. For one thing, when I’m not walking, I travel by bus. And buses run by timetables. (I might have to wait for the bus, the bus does not wait for me!)

But I digress. Back to the watch shop. From private economy point of view, I don’t doubt that it would be cheaper to just buy a new watch every time the clasp on the strap breaks, or perhaps even each time the battery runs out. To me it would still feel like a waste to do so, though, as long as I’m otherwise happy with the watch. So I just bought a new expensive black leather strap.





  1. Sad, but true, they design things to wear out so we'll have to buy new. My husband would like new soles and heels put on his boots, but it would be cheaper to just buy new boots.

  2. Like you, I don't want to do away with something that is still good and only needs minor repair or replacement to be fully functional again. For instance, I am still using my mobile - the 1st iphone that came out in 2008 or 2009 (can't remember). 6 years is ancient for a mobile phone; usually, there are new, "better" models out every year, and my provider offers me renewal of contract plus new phone every 2 years. I've not taken them up on that offer yet, since my mobile works just fine for me. Admittedly, the cameras on the newer models are much better, but if I go somewhere where I think there'll be good photo opportunities, I take my camera with me anyway (and that one is old, too!).

  3. I'm with you. We have a clock or two in every room. My dearest is a clockaholic. He just put one in the bathroom for heaven's sake. Do I really need to know how long I'm in there. HaHa.

  4. bob and i were talking about this last week, his strap broke and the strap cost more than a new watch. i bought the new watch. his is a diving watch. my watch is just like this one except the face is white, and i love it because i can read it. i would put a new strap on it. the thing is the strap is 12.00 and the watch is 7.00

  5. That applies to so many things these days Monica. We have become a throw-away society and it's not really morally sustainable but, unfortunately, economics overrule moral considerations most of the time.


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