Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Bold Colours



This rock near the railway station, covered with ivy, always looks magnificent in autumn. (Photos taken a couple a weeks ago, in late September.)

But what on earth is going on up there on the top of the rock?
I had to zoom in with the camera to see properly…


I’m not sure I’ve noticed this sculpture before… And it’s not included in the brochure for the summer’s sculpture biennale. How long has it been there?!

Checking up on it, I find articles on the web telling me that the sculpture’s name is “Passion Extreme”, and it was actually put in place on top of that rock in mid May this year; in commemoration of an adventurer, climber and extreme skier who grew up in this town (Tomas Olsson) but died ten years ago in an attempt to ski down the north side of Mount Everest. The bronze sculpture was made by the Swedish sculptor Richard Brixel and donated to the town by a couple of local entrepreneurs.

I have to admit that personally, I’ve never really “understood” the kind of adventure spirit that makes people want to try extreme things like that. But I suppose that without that kind of people, a large part of the world would still remain unexplored, and many things we now take for granted would never have been discovered or invented…

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  1. Wonderfully vibrant and I love that sculpture.

  2. That is a brilliant sculpture in form and in location. How good you found the story of its creation to share here. He is taking a bold leap from the top of the cliff.

  3. I totally agree with you. I cannot understand people who climb mountains and generally do daredevvily things. The rock wall is gorgeous!! I have never seen anything like it. It is the gorgeous colors of fall, but without the trees. Just solid color, as on a canvas.

  4. The rock does indeed look magnificent in its autumn dress!
    As for adventures - yes, I agree with you about exploration and invention. But it sounds to me like the adventurer who died trying to ski down Mount Everest was not looking to discover something that would have an impact on other people's lives; he was just a thrill-seeker who missed something badly in his daily life and proably only felt truly alive when doing something so extreme. I am actually sorry for him, for not having experienced the small, quiet joys a regular life can bring.

  5. Beautiful photos, lovely colours!

  6. Beautiful photos, lovely colours!

  7. that wall is gorgeous... I am with you, I leave the extreme stuff to others. I say what ever floats your boat, but not my boat. LOL... I live life on the safe side.. looks like a really nice sculpture. are you going to climb up there to get a full shot of it?

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