Sunday, 16 October 2016

Postcards for the Weekend – Children

160507 US-3990717

(US-3990717) From the US (May 2016)
(Boys and Girls First Aid Week 1926, Oil on canvas,
Advertisement for Bauer & Black)

160511 RU-4677637

(RU-4677637) From Russia (May 2016)

160517-160523 from Ginny

From Ginny in the US (May 2016)
(Artist: Sabine Reinhart)

160617 CN-1935345

(CN-1935345) From China (June 2016)

Oops, it seems I’m too late with my postcards this weekend.
The mailbox has already been emptied (‘linky’ closed) at …

Postcards for the Weekend

Well, never mind! I’m posting mine here, anyway! Smile


  1. What a surprise to see my card!! I like seeing the postcards you get. The Russian one is simply stunning, and I adore it. So that is my favorite. Isn't it something, you can always spot a Norman Rockwell. I don't know why, but it is true. The one from China...the girl on the left looks like my Anne Marie.

  2. Hi Monica! As the cliche goes, better late than never :)

    These are wonderful postcards! Different designs, snaps of real children & illustrations, I love them all! thanks so much for joining and see you again next time. Have a great week ahead.

  3. I like the "Let's go on an adventure" one best! Sabine Reinhardt sounds like a German name.

  4. I love your choice, and especially that Russian little girl.

  5. I wish Norman Rockwell's scout had thought to close the scissors before starting bandaging! Super cards. Hugging a birch tree is the right way to be brought up!

  6. I'm a real softie. I like the "Let's goon an adventure."


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