Friday, 21 October 2016

Postcards for the Weekend – Reflections on Water


PT-443736 (from Portugal, 2015)
Claude Monet: London, Parliament with the Sun Breaking through Fog


RU-3109703 (from Russia, 2014)
Nika Goltz: “Denmark – Copenhagen, colored paper, pastel, 1988.”


TW-1298375 (from Taiwan, 2014)
Kaii Higashiyama (Japanese artist, 1908-1999)

160224 RU-4453799

RU-4453799 (from Russia, 2016)
Watercolour by Danevich G.
St Petersburg, The Palace Square.

160406 RU-4553642

RU-4553642 (from Russia, 2016)
Nevsky Prospekt near the Municipal Duma
(artist unknown to me)

I chose these painted reflections postcards because I knew where I had those… I’m sure I must have several photo reflection ones as well, but they’re not easily “findable” just now! (This Postcards for the Weekend meme is certainly giving me a lot to think about when it comes to the best way of organizing one’s postcard collection…)


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PS. Please Note: Two posts today (Weekend Postcards + Friday My Town)


  1. Sure enough, they all have reflections! I love each and every one, and for a change I have no favorites. Each one is so beautiful! The Denmark one is very moody and almost spooky.

  2. Beautiful artworks! Thanks for sharing Monica. And same for me, I'm also improving my postcards organization because of our weekend meme.

  3. Beautiful cards! I think the Monet is my favourite, but they are all lovely.

  4. All are beautiful. Monet is my favourite too, I like his artworks a lot!

  5. A pleasure to see these works. Higashiyama's has impressed me.

  6. Ah the finding of elusive cards, sometimes I think they hide! I enjoyed all the ones you show, the watercolour rainbow lighting up the square is lovely and am fascinated by the Higashiyama.

  7. Beautiful paintings...I espacially love the one showing Copenhagen!

  8. you must have quite the collection of postcards by now. these are all really pretty. you know I like reflections

  9. It never ceases to amaze me how many ways there are to interpret reflections in art.

  10. Thanks Everyone for your reflective comments :)

  11. Love these cards...very pretty.
    Hope you find a way soon to make your card collection "findable".


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