Friday, 28 October 2016

Postcards for the Weekend – Anything You Wish

Oh, sorry… Did you say wish? I thought you said fish
(Just kidding!! I kind of picked the first card more or less at random; and as it looked like the squirrels hadn’t caught a lot of fish, I went looking for some more…)

160728-160801 from John 186

Beatrix Potter - The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin (1903).
“… they caught seven fat minnows as a present for Old Brown.”
[from John in England, July 2016]

160121-160129 from Ginny

© Geoffrey Grisso
[from Ginny in the US, 2016]


RU-3536009 – from Russia, April 2015
(The printed text on the back is in Russian, but the sender translates it:
“I wish you happiness! Magic, like a blue bird, and a fairy like goldfish!”
- and adds that these comparisons are taken from Russian folk tales.)

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  1. A nice fishy treat. The squirrels are probably fishing in one of my local lakes as Beatrix Potter lived nearby.

    1. Ah... Then maybe you can tell me: Do squirrels actually eat fish?!

  2. I recognize mine! Thanks for posting it. I love the fishing squirrels. Of course it is my favorite. Russia seems to have lots of wonderful postcards.

  3. I watched a red squirrel yesterday on my way home from work. Three cars had to stop for it to cross the road, and I'm glad they did!
    No, they don't eat fish, but they do like a meaty snack in the shape of a worm or snail, and unfortunatley are a threat to eggs and baby birds, too. Most of their diet consists of seeds, nuts, shoots, fruits and the occasional mushroom.

    1. That's what I thought. I'll have to look up the story and check who Old Brown is... :)

  4. Hi Monica, don't worry - I've removed the other link :) Thanks for linking! These beautiful postcards with fish made me feel guilty for enjoying tuna for lunch. Wish and fish! What a rhyme! Great postcard pics. Thank you for the suggestion for a theme of something but different. I've noted it down for the future. Happy weekend!

    1. Thanks Maria. Your weekly postcard meme is an inspiration as it gives me a reason to flicker through my cards and also re-find some that I had half forgotten about :)

  5. I like your choice today. The "anything you wish" theme is really funny.

  6. Enjoyed these postcards! Thanks for joining up with Postcards for the Weekend. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind comments. By the way, I see a little footer at the bottom of the page, "Communication is what makes blogging fun :)" Wow, that is so true! Have a fine week ahead!


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