Saturday, 1 December 2018

December 1

Dec 01


  1. Is this the start of an Advent calendar on your blog, Monica? Anyway - it is a beautiful picture!

  2. That's the idea, Meike! I am scheduling these posts ahead, to be posted in the mornings, and they will just be one picture each, without text - just as is normally the case with classic Advent Calendars. :) I'll leave the commenting to my readers! ("Normal" blog posts may turn up in between, as usual.)

  3. I LOVE IT... love the red wood, the white tiny window and the lamp... beautiful.

  4. My immediate thought was that the lamp right outside the window might not always be welcome.

    1. Haha Graham - I guess that depends on whether it's a bedroom window! The photo is from Eksjö, a town with lots of old wooden buildings. (I haven't got that far yet in my blog posts from the trip back in summer.) I think there was probably a door beneath the lamp, but I don't remember now what kind of house it was on. It may have been a museum building, but I'm not sure. I just zoomed in the lamp because it was that detail that caught my eye.

  5. An Advent blog, what a great idea! This picture looks like from times past.


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