Thursday, 20 December 2018

The Tree Is Up


My Christmas Tree (60 cm high) has been with me for 32 years now – its little chain of (10) lights included. I have replaced a few bulbs over the years. But this year, it turned out more than just one or two were broken. So I ended up replacing all of them with a complete ‘new’ set of spare bulbs (bought a few years ago) – and voilá – it worked. Now I pray these will last a while (at least over this Christmas!) as I’m not sure they make this kind any more… (Ah well… One year/problem at a time!)


  1. How good you got the lights glowing on your pretty tree.

  2. It is a pretty little tree and has been serving you well in the past. Here's to the next 30 Christmasses :-)

  3. That's a venerable age for a little tree. I'm astonished that you have that many spare bulbs. When I last had a tree all three sets of lights failed on Christmas Eve. I've never had a tree since. The modern LED tree lights are very much more reliable (and inexpensive).

    1. Graham - I bought those ten a few of years ago, exactly because I then thought "who knows if I'll keep making them much longer"... My old ones had green sockets, these had white sockets and I'm not sure they were exactly the same 'strength', but they fit. So I exchanged them all now and have no more spares... unless I happen to find some more, somewhere. I would not mind buying LED lights instead but I have not seen any the right size (neither as spare bulbs nor as a whole string short enough to fit my litte tree).

    2. PS (rereading this comment a bit later) Seems Gramma(r) has gone away on Christmas holiday (probably with Spillchucker)... Never mind... LOL

  4. it is still as pretty as it was when you got it. you are looking festive for the holidays


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