Friday, 28 December 2018

Thoughts on a Foggy Day

Chasing fog has a lot in common with chasing rainbows. (I.e. when you get to the point where you thought you’d be able to catch it, it’s no longer there, but has moved further away...)


Walking (in the fog) along a familiar short path with apartment buildings on one side, you don’t really expect to suddenly find a tepee on the other! But there it was…


In a novel I’m reading at the moment, Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen – a romance novel with a light touch of magic to it – there is a character, an elderly woman, who keeps bringing people strange gifts: “When Evanelle brought you something, you were usually going to need it sooner or later.” It seems my brother must have the same kind of magic as Evanelle; because the chain of coloured LED lights he sent me for Christmas has already come in handy. (When he bought it, he did not know anything about my problem finding more replacement bulbs for my old chain of lights – which lasted over Christmas, but broke down again today.)



  1. The lights were a wonderful and mystical gift. This book looks so good, a little bit of magical realism in the Alice Hoffman tradition. I would love to walk in the fog. They say things sound different too.

  2. they look really pretty on your tree, he chose well and I am thinking there was a little magic in the choosing.... the little man made teepee dwelling looks like it has two tables or stools, and a lamp hanging

    1. Sandra I think the "lamp" is a birdfeeder ;-)


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