Friday, 14 December 2018

St Lucia & Christmas Window Shopping

All my outgoing Christmas cards and presents have now been written, wrapped and posted. My Christmas Crib is up on its ususual shelf in the study, with angels singing happily in the window nearby; and St Lucia (St Lucy’s Day, 13th December) has been celebrated.




Actually I celebrated Lucia two days in advance, as the BorĂ¥s City Lucia with maidens came visiting the park at the housing estate where I live on the 11th. I have blogged about the Lucia tradition many times before – for example back in 2014, when I visited the official Lucia crowning ceremony in the main square in the city centre. This year I did not go to the “big show” in town on the 12th, but was content to get to see and listen to a shorter version closer to home.

However, Thursday the 13th turned out quite a nice day for a walk (frosty but dry), so after posting my last bunch of postcards at the station, I decided to go for a (day-time) “window shopping” walk around the city.


An arts & crafts shop


Coloured lights in the hedge outside a restaurant


▲ A “Fair Trade” shop selling handmade stuff from around the world ▼



▲ A toy shop ▼

(This may well be the cutest Christmas display in town!)

DSC05306 DSC05307 DSC05308


▲ A shop selling various kinds of bags


▲ A “deli” selling cheese and tea and sweets and such.
(This is not where I usually buy “my” tea, though


  1. What beautiful windows, really like the gingerbread window too.

  2. So glad you took us window shopping! They are just absolutely gorgeous and I enjoyed every single one of them. We don't have any place to go window shopping here. And your home looks so beautiful all of it and I love those little angels guarding your windows

  3. I love it when you take us window shopping. I remember long ago looking in the window of your tea shop. The toy shop window is adorable! I also love the dragon on the rooftop. Your angels are So cute, and your nativity Beautiful. I don't think I have ever seen one with a two humped camel.

  4. I've been thinking about taking photos of the Christmas decoration around my town, too, and posting them here, but I've not gotten round to it yet - and maybe I won't before it's all taken down again.
    The gingerbread houses really are especially sweet!


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