Wednesday, 30 November 2011

ABC Wednesday: T for Tea-Time


It strikes me that I did T for Tea in the last round of ABC Wednesdays as well, but never mind. I do love tea! And I hope that even coffee-drinkers may enjoy looking at these tea-pots that I saw in the window of my favourite tea shop the other day. I was there to renew my stash of my favourite local blend (I have no idea what’s in it), + peppermint candy-flavoured black tea, + a spicy green Christmas tea, which is only sold this time of year.

ABC Wednesday 


  1. Those are truly wonderful teapots.

  2. I love how the teapots seem to match the tea canisters!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Beautiful teapots. What a great T

    T for Two?

  4. i am ashamed to say i have never tasted flavored tea other than raspberry iced tea, these sound great and i really should try it. the teapots are so pretty.

  5. These are outrageously wild and beautiful!! I remember last year you posted tea cups in this window, and it was all I could do NOT to ask you to buy and mail me one, I would have paid quite a bit! We never seem to have such pretty teapots around here!!! Matter of fact, it takes some doing to find ANY! Even in the local tea house!

  6. Lovely teapots! I also like tea. Are you a true Scandinavian? I ask this because I often had Norwegian and Danish guests and they only drank coffee.De drikker hele dagen kaffe med smørrebrød. Lol!


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