Saturday, 19 November 2011

Weekend Reflections: Let There Be Light


While most of November so far has really been quite fine – for November! – yesterday was a typical November day as we often tend to think of it in this part of the world; all grey and misty.

I don’t go out after dark very often these days, and especially not in this kind of weather. When I have a choice, I prefer to go out in the daylight. Yesterday however, I had set my mind on going into town for a special event in the afternoon. So I set out from home around 3.45 pm, which is about the time of sunset here now. (Yesterday, however, it was kind of dark all day!)


The statue in the foreground represents the history of our town and area: a tradesman travelling on foot from place to place selling his goods from a sack. He stands just where the modern shopping street begins.


At 4.30 pm people were gathering down by the river… Quite a few lights reflected in the river already, but this is what we were waiting for:


The official lighting of the Christmas lights in the Park.


I took lots of photos, so no doubt you will be seeing more of these views. ;) Night photography is tricky, but I had brought my gorillapod which helped me to use railings and lampposts and wastebaskets and whatever I could find for support.


  1. I am so glad you went. these are wonderful. the first two rate extraordinary to me. I love the lights and the wet street and the way the photos glow. the lighting of the lights is spectacular and I will be waiting to see more of these.

  2. Great shots. The last one is stunning. Thanks for sharing.

    Roberto, Rio de Janeiro

  3. The first photo is so good, and from there on, they just get better and better!!! Wonderful reflections!!!!! Thanks for doing this for us, it is beautiful! The Gorillapod looks very interesting.

  4. Grey and misty weather might not be the best to live with but it sure does make for beautiful photos. Your street scenes have such a dreamlike quality. And the lights reflecting in the river..wonderful! Especially the last one. Must remember to take my gorillapod next time I go for a walk, I keep forgetting about it.

  5. Beautiful shots. The glistening lights are magical to the eye...and their reflections awesome. Your first photo has to be my favorite of the series. Everything about it is so pretty, and there is so much to se in it. The lights are such a nice feature.Thanks for putting together such a lovely series this week for all of us to enjoy. genie

  6. Your first two photos want me to start experimenting with this genre as well as the night skies I started on last night. I think they are superb.

  7. What great shots, Monica. I haven't attemloted any serious night photography in this digital age. Yours are really inspiring.

  8. I am feeling nostalgic for Sweden seeing these photos.I arrived in November and I can see myself there. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing. i love your blog.

  9. These photos are amazing! I'd say your night photography is pretty darn good! I especially like the first photo - the leading lines are fab!

    I found you in a round-about way via the Liebster Blog Award and I'm a new follower.


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