Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Trick or Treat


About a week and a half before Halloween, I ordered some DVDs from an online shop. Among those I wanted was a collection of three films by New Zealand film director Jane Campion.

When I received my package, it turned out that 3-disc box had been replaced by a totally different film, entitled The Condemned. Which, judging by the cover, I had no wish at all to see…

image  -No thank you!-

Ah well – mistakes happen. I contacted the company; and within a couple of days I got a new package. I opened it eagerly, again expecting to find the films that I had ordered. Guess what met my eye? Another copy of The Condemned!

That’s when I began to fear that this might go on for ever…

However, third time round - and Halloween behind us! - the curse seems to have been lifted. Today I received yet another package. To my relief, this one did contain the right DVD-box.

Tomorrow I send back the two copies of The Condemned and pray they’ll not come boomeranging back! ;)

Now remains to be seen when I’ll find the time to watch the films I did order: An Angel At My Table, The Piano and Bright Star.


  1. The Condemned! I hope it's not someone trying to tell you something... Glad you've got the right ones at last.

  2. I have seen the first two and they are excellent. There is some explicit sex in The Piano, but it has been highly acclaimed and makes a good point, great cinematography as well.

  3. Ginny, I've seen the first two before as well, but years ago. A discussion with someone recently brought An Angel... to mind and I wanted see that again. Looking it up on the internet I found it in a box with the other two. The Piano I also remember as a film that might be worth seeing again; and Bright Star (about John Keats) I have not seen at all. So it "made sense" to order the whole box... ;)

  4. WOW. I'm with you. I would not want to see The Condemned. I've seen The Piano and it is excellent. I saw it in New Zealand and it's easy to imagine the setting. I have a feeling that I've seen the first one as well but I can't recall all the details. What I'm really excited about, however is learning that Bright Star is about John Keats whose poetry I really admire. I shall try to obtain that when I arrive in NZ. In the meantime I'd love to know what you think of it.

  5. i wonder what is up with sending it twice. once i can understand but two times is kind of freaky. glad you got the right ones and i hope they are paying for the shipping to get the others back.

  6. Yes Sandra it was kind of freaky the second time ;) But yes they are paying for the shipping to send them back and if I order something else within the next six months I get a special discount as well.


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