Tuesday, 15 November 2011

R for Retro, Rusty and Rustic… and Getting Ready!




… and a barrowful of Christmas Roses … for ABC Wednesday!


The Town has started getting ready for Christmas…


… and inspired by the goings on in town, I put up my own fairy lights on the balcony railing today. I haven’t turned them on yet though, except briefly to check that they were working. But the 1st Advent weekend is only 1½ week away! And today was a good day to get the job done – sunny and dry.

Paul Simon: Getting Ready For Christmas Day


  1. I love those rustic candle holder, I've seen them being sold here but of course not so rustic as they are brand new. Christmas decorations are up in most malls as early as 1st November. Being surrounded by malls around my urban island, it's a great time for me to hit the store....again! :)Our tiny little island is known as a shopping heaven.

  2. It wouldn't be so hard getting ready if I listened to this song the whole time. What a clever video, with the way they do the church sign!

  3. sometimes the rusty are relics and other times wrecks. the second Paul Simon song on ABC Wednesday. I cited this song on my blog on Oct 13 on Paul's 70th birthday.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. I really like the rusty wheelbarrow full of Christmas roses and the lanterns too, they have such character.

  5. Beautiful images.

    My R is about Raking Leaves, please come and see.

  6. A great theme for the letter R but I can'r beliweve it;'s that near to Christmas. Help!

  7. your plants in front of the fairy lights are beautiful. you will have a true fairy garden when they are shining. i love that big big tree. and the rusty pics are beautiful. i like those candles in the lanterns, a creative use of old beautiful rusty things.

  8. I refuse to believe that I have to get my Northern Hemisphere Christmas Cards done very soon. In fact to get the non-air rate they should already have been posted I think. No chance!


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