Sunday, 27 November 2011

SOOC Sunday: Bird Conference



Last weekend this flock of birds were holding a conference in some trees I can see from my windows. Reminded me of the Hitchcock movie! After chatting for a good while, they took off. Direction south… Probably a good decision!

I have not tweaked the colour in these photos, they were taken at twilight, shortly after sunset, and the sky itself contributed to the sort of ominous feeling.

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  1. Indeed it would be difficult to not think of the movie. Just love all the chatter when they flock like this. Happy SOOC!

  2. The first thing I had been going to ask was, what did you do to this picture to get it to look this way!!! And did you see Tippi Hedren anywhere around? Ha ha ha!!! It truly is atmospheric and wonderful!!!

  3. They look like Starlings to me and the collective noun in the UK is a Chatter of Starlings. Very appropriate don't you think?

  4. Thanks Graham, I did not dare to guess what kind of birds they might be.

  5. good thing you were indoors and not standing UNDER that tree. LOL... these are really good and do remind me of Hitchcock film that scared me silly. i was afraid of bird before i went to see it and after that did not like birds at all until I started going out with my camera with a woman who loves all birds. she helped me get past the fear. but I still don't LOVE them

  6. Starlings or Fielfare. The fieldfare is usually in very large flocks and is thrush sized. The first shot is a beauty.

  7. I did not know the name fieldfare; looking it up I found it's what we call björktrast which would literally translate birch-thrush. Well the tree they're sitting in here is a birch, but on the other hand fieldfares tend to stay here over winter. Not that I know how far this flock was really intending to go, of course...


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