Saturday 5 November 2011

The Door Was Open




Today when I passed by the memorial chapel in the cemetery nearby, the door was open. I’ve never seen the inside before. (I only took a photo through the open door because there were other people there.)

Outside is the memorial place for those who were not buried but only had their ashes spread here. As you can see in the first photo, the flowerbed set aside for this purpose is absolutely packed with candles and decorations. (If you did not already read my previous post about All Saints Day, you’ll find more about our traditions there.)


  1. Sadly a lot of chapels and churches are normally locked nowadays. It's a shame because I like to look inside.

  2. Oh, what lovely pictures, and I'm so glad you showed us inside!! So many bloggers only show us the outside of buildings, and I always wonder what it is like inside. Especially with churches and chapels. This is a beautiful and beautifully shaped little chapel.

  3. such a beautiful old church, inside and outside. the candles are beautiful to. glad it was open so we could see inside. a great tradition you have.

  4. I rather liked the statue and it's always interesting to see other traditions.


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