Sunday, 6 November 2011

(PS) P for Pardon …


… me, but I think I may have been wrong in my presumption earlier in the week about this being the foundation for some sort of pavillion or club house in the park … (see my ABC Wednesday post for the letter P) … When I passed the place again on Friday, I noted that a park bench had been added in a position which does not really promote the idea that the structure is supposed to grow into a building with walls and roof …

I’m not sure what to think now! Pétanque, perhaps? Winking smile
(Called boule here; and more commonly played than croquet.)

I guess I shall have to patiently wait until spring to be sure.


  1. it must be a place to play some kind of game, or maybe a garden to sit and stare at? I am voting a game. can't wait to find out

  2. Well, now you have me really curious!!! I hope we don't have to wait till spring to find out!

  3. I'm afraid that if it is not going to be a building, it is not likely that much more will be happening until the other side of winter.

  4. Hmmm. Yes, I think you are right. It looks about the right size for Pétanque and that sort of goes hand in hand with croquet. I hope it is Pétanque, that would cement my view that you live in a very civilised city. But how I would justify that comment is beyond me! :)

  5. A raised flower bed? It's all quite fascinating but I'd like to knoiw where the trees ended up and that they survived the move.

  6. Yes it's surely going to be a pétanque terrain. It is the right size. Am I correct in saying that it has a compacted gravel surface. Unfortunately it's only big enough for one game at a time.

  7. Thanks for the word 'terrain' GB, I did not know the terminology. Yes it has also been filled with compact gravel since the first time I saw it. I'll be thinking of it as a pétanque terrain for now then - unless something else turns up to contradict that! The thing is we already have a 'double' pétanque terrain in the park/ playground area in among the buildings where I live (that one allowing two games at the same time). It's only about 5 min walk between the two parks which makes me wonder a bit. But I guess the one here belongs to our particular housing estate, whereas the other one will be public domain.

    Well I guess that just confirms Pauline's idea that we must be a very civilised city indeed. :)


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