Thursday, 17 November 2011

BTT: Categories

Of the books you own, what’s the biggest category/genre?
Is this also the category that you actually read the most?

The BTT questions come from Deb at Booking Through Thursday

I’ve never counted the exact number of volumes in my shelves, but a rough estimation is that around 55-60% are novels/fiction. Out of those probably 65% in Swedish, the rest in English + a few in German. Out of my non-fiction, the biggest category/genre would be Christian theology/spirituality; the rest a mix of history, mythology, psychology, language, dictionaries… whatever.

And yes, I suppose that on the whole, my bookshelves give a rather fair representation of my reading. Had I kept every book I ever bought though (not to mention library books), there would no doubt be even more Swedish (since I am Swedish). I’d also say that crime fiction is probably a bit underrepresented in my collection because I tend to borrow more of those than I buy.


  1. It's funny how borrowing books can impact your owned books. I tend to end up buying some borrowed books anyway.

    Thanks for stopping by Project to be Read :)

  2. I own a mixture of genres.

  3. Nice answer :)

    Here's mine:

  4. Mine would be natural history and then diaries, both if which outweigh my fiction.

  5. I don't keep all the books I read. Most of them I give to the local library, and a few I keep, but very few, because I am always buying books, and since I live in a small apartment, I don't have room to keep all my books. A few books a friend takes when she knows I am finished with them, since she knows I won't keep them anyway.

  6. I borrow a lot of books too. I adore libraries :-)

  7. I prefer fiction as well, I think 99.8 % of my books are fiction! :)

    Thank you for stopping by Books, Biscuits & Tea!

  8. I probably read 98% fiction, the little nonfiction I read is usually biography. In fiction I read more science fantasy, family sagas and police procedural.

  9. i will be repeating myself, but 100 percent of my books read are fiction. i own very few books now, used to have hundreds of paperbacks but donated them to the library and am now the library queen. i do have several Bible Commentary's but they are packed away and have not been touched since i got my internet connection and so is my phone book.

  10. Oh, gosh! I have a large mixture of novels, non-fiction, colorful coffee table books, devotionals, biographies and how-to books. Plus lots of kids books. I bet it would be pretty even among the types.


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