Thursday, 15 March 2012

I for Irritated Invalid


“I can believe anything provided it is incredible.”
~ Oscar Wilde ~

So will you believe that two nights ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with an out-of-the-blue attack of sciatica down my hip and leg, apparently just from turning over in bed?!

Have you ever heard of a more idiotic injury? Actually I’ve had a few more of those in my day, like concussion from banging my head into a bookshelf, and chronic neck pain from acting unconscious in a CPR exercise. I know it’s a dangerous world out there! But until now I’ve optimistically been thinking I should at least be relatively safe in my own bed.

Anyway, also having had a rather bad spell of the other set of pains lately, it seems I have little choice but to try and slow down even further; even if it feels like giving a speeding ticket to a snail.


So yesterday I spent most of the day in bed. On top of all I also had to deal with the inconvenience of another day (8 am to 4 pm) without running water (because of repairs going on) – but just did not feel up to going out except for a short limping walk in the late afternoon. (That was nice though. Even got a few photos that might show up in my Picture Book this weekend.)

This morning the hip/leg was feeling better, and I was able to go to the rehab pool as usual. Coming home, I needed to do the washing I had had to reschedule from yesterday. This is where Irritation comes in, if not before.

Coming down to the laundry room I was Not Amused to find Someone Else’s washing still spinning in the washing machine, on my time. I decided, however, to leave it to finish the program. When I came back down some 20-30 minutes later, it was done, but still not collected. So I had to take that wet washing out first to be able to put mine in. Grinding my teeth, I put it nicely in the basket under the sink. I also had to clean up a bit after Someone. (Because mysteriously, while detergent used IN a machine cleans things, OUTSIDE the machines it becomes a dirty mess! Explain it if you can!)

When I next came down to move my washing into the drier, what do you think I found? Yes, that’s right. Meanwhile, Someone Else had been down there and put their wet laundry into the drier. So once again I had to remove their laundry (now dry) to that basket under the sink.


When two hours later I came down to collect the last of my own things, Someone Else’s things were still there. I suspect he or she did not dare come back for it until after my shift was over.

I have to confess: There are few things in this world that put me in a worse mood than having to take care of Anonymous Laundry left behind by someone consciously infringing on My Time. Once may be a mistake but twice during the same shift is not. And on a day when I hardly even feel able to cope with my own, it’s even worse. I did leave a note behind: “Please next time show respect for other people’s time.” In my mind though I was writing an essay of about 20 pages, with illustrations… (Had they come down while I was there they’d have found me in neck brace and wrist supports and still slightly limping.)


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  1. Oh my! Are you really in a neck brace and wrist supports? So sorry! The person who is inconsiderate is probably very healthy or young, and doesn't realize how hard things can be for ones like us. So each of you has a time assigned to the laundry room?

    1. Not assigned, there is a booking board, key needed, you can only book one shift at a time but it's still a manual system, not electronical, so possible to "ignore". - As for neck brace or wrist supports, only sometimes and some situations, but yesterday for that job, yes.

  2. this comes under the Perils of Pauline in my book, seems you are a victim of Murphy;s Law, in anything can happen it probably will. hope today finds you pain free and feeling better and that that PERSON takes heed of your note for next time. I have never had to share laundry time like this, but for 3 years i had to drive to a laundromat and put quarters in the machines and wait while they washed. i hated every minute of it.

  3. So inconsiderate - even allowing for them not being aware of your situation it would be nice if they respected your time and didn't infringe on it. I too would have written a 20 page letter in my head - what a shame they remain so blissfully unaware of it.

  4. Oh what a jolly hassle, and on such a day too. Commiserations emphatically sent!


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